May, 2024 This is an ongoing post and I will keep adding to it as time goes on so save the link and pop by again some time.

There and literally hundreds of After effects tutorials on Youtube and its very easy to get overwhelmed. I am the Head of Marketing at my day job so what I take time out to learn has to be practical (so that I can put the knowledge to work straight away) and allow me to save time.


The following tutorials are focussed around the fundamentals of After Effects and effects that I’ve noticed being used by the best out there.

Best Expressions Tutorials

I wish I had started using expressions from the very beginning because they are a very unique and powerful tool in After Effects that can save you time and keyframes.

Convert Audio to Key Frames

This makes life Soooo much easier when your animations are dependant on the beat of the music. Doing it manually takes forever so this is a must technique to have.

Adding bones to your 2D layer for animation

This tutorial makes use of a fantastic plugin called Duik Bassel you can download it here. If you’re used to using bones in animation then this UI is right up your street.

3D paper aeroplane

Create and animate your own Paper Airplanes in After Effects. This tutorial will show you how without any 3rd party plugins, plus it only uses the classic 3D engine and not the ray traced engine.

Text Animators

In this text animators tutorial for After Effects, Kyle Hamrick will show you how to creatively use text animators to create unique animations in Adobe After Effects.

Spot Burst

In this tutorial is the quickest way to make a circle accent graphic / motion element / pop-up for your videos, youtube content and after effects project. We will use a shape layer and manipulate the stroke and dashes of an ellipse we will create.


Masks are a fundamental After Effects feature that allow you to cut out and combine different elements together, build quick & easy transitions, and are the basis of visual effects and compositing work in motion design.

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