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Let’s get your fundamental SEO sorted. That mean looking at your audience, your competitors to make sure each of your pages is out on its own generating leads.

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Your challenge is to get on whatever is capturing the attention of your audiences whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube.

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The top 4 spots on any Google Search results page are reserved for Ads. The good news is, you have a chance to get there because the placements are sold in an auction.

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I have worked with individuals, start ups, all the way up to worldwide brands. The one thing that unites them all is people. Who are you? What is your business? What are your goals? Why should I come to your business over your competitors? Let’s not waste time, drop me an email or give me a call and let’s talk!

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The move towards Value Based Bidding in Google Ads

Just watched the latest presentation by Google Ads focussed around Value Based Bidding(VBB). VBB is the strategy to find high value customers.   Key points to take away. Business Objectives should meet the Marketing Objectives A business should be focussed on Profitable Growth and not Volume of Leads

Updates to phrase and broad match modified keywords

Updates to phrase and broad match modified keywords The latest update from Google is an update to the matching behavior of phrase and broad match modified (BMM) keywords. What's changing? Starting on February 18th, phrase and BMM keywords will begin to match the same user searches. With this updated matching behavior, ads may show on...

How to set up broad match keywords in Google Ads

The picture above represents Google looking at all the ads competing for the same audience, trying to decide which should be shown for the search result. Let's use the search: "Best markers for graphic design" If at this stage you don't understand the importance of Audience and who is your Audience with regards to Ad...